About KL



Hi! My name is Krystal and I’m an only child momma with 4 kiddos living on the Gulf Coast.

I was born and raised in Alabama where my mom worked her butt off so I could attend private schools from Kindergarten to my senior year of high school. I got my first job when I was fifteen working with my best friend as a cashier at Winn Dixie and I think it was probably my favorite job ever! We worked right after school and would carpool together and all the employees were other high school kids so we had a lot of fun.

I graduated in 2004 and attended a Catholic college in my hometown. There, I completed my core classes and then I kind of lost myself because I didn’t know myself. Growing up an only child with my mom, one might say I was “sheltered”. My time at college brought on new experiences, especially since my roommate was the COMPLETE opposite of me. I’m shy, she was “out there”. I was up late studying while she was coming in at 3 in the morning from a frat party. I met two more of my best friends my first week of college and that’s about the only good thing that came from my college experience.

After a year there, I dropped out of college and worked full-time at a local pizzeria in order to experience life and “find myself”.Fast forward ten years, I’m married to a man who made me believe in true love, I have two boys and two girl (step-daughters), and I’m a full time SAHM (stay at home mom) and a full time college student. Yes, a college student….again. I take classes online and am majoring in Criminal Justice and hopefully will be graduating in the fall of 2017 or the spring of 2018. I’ve changed majors so many times: Early childhood education, graphic design, nursing, and HIT (Health Information Technology). Criminal Justice is something that I’m more passionate about-for personal and career goal reasons-so I find myself enjoying everything about the program I’m in.


I believe my blog has something to offer everyone. Having four kids, I guess you would classify me with the “mommy blogs”, but I also intend to share the following with my readers:

  • Stories
  • Reviews on: Movies, TV shows, Products, etc
  • My Currently’s
  • Top 10 Tuesday series
  • A Recipe of the Week
  • Some of my Writing (yes, I enjoy creative writing)
  • Photos
  • Chronicles of my life as a mom and a wife
  • Much More!!


  • I’m OBSESSED with the Golden Girls & I Love Lucy
  • When I say I’m going to bed, it usually means I’m going to lie down and scroll through Pinterest or Instagram for the next hour
  • I have a growing collection of colorful pens. I love writing colors other than blue and black
  • I’m working on a YA Novel
  • I dabble in photography
  • I was adopted when I was 6 months old
  • I love to escape a stressful day with a bubblebath and a good book
  • My music taste ranges from rap to hip-hop to pop (todays hits) to country
  • I’m a room mom for 3 classrooms and part of the PTA
  • I’m a recovering shopaholic