2 Most Used Health Apps

Hi All!! Well, as you all know, there's not much you can do nowadays without using technology. Losing weight is one of those things. I mean, yes, you can lose weight without technology, but there are so many apps that can make it fun and easier if you are trying to lose weight like me. … Continue reading 2 Most Used Health Apps

Beginning My Weight Loss Journey

Hello everyone. Long time, no write. I know. I have been super busy with....well, life in general. If you know me in real life, you know that one thing that I have always struggled with is my weight. I'm like Oprah- I yo-yo diet. I have good years and bad years. The last 3 years … Continue reading Beginning My Weight Loss Journey

Rue 21 Haul!!

Hey everyone!!! I decided to do a post on a haul. I love watching YouTube videos on hauls and looking at people's hauls on Instagram so I decided to post what I purchased from my recent trip (well, today's trip) to Rue21. The cool thing about Rue21, some of their locations have plus size "store" … Continue reading Rue 21 Haul!!

A Simple Thought…

Does anyone have that one person out there that they just think, "If they could see me now?!" -Krystal

Centerpiece Shadows

ο»ΏHi guys!!! So as promised, I've set up my fictional blog and wanted to give you all a link to it. I am the author of the blog but I'm writing through a character name Ariz Carrington.  Before you read, please be sure to read the  "About the Characters" page as this will give you … Continue reading Centerpiece Shadows

Checking In…

Hi Β guys, Thank you to everyone who has come across my little blog and has "liked" or commented on my posts or pages. I have been doing a lot of research. I have been wanting to write a novel and publish it in 2018 but I started researching fiction blogs. Now, when you hear of … Continue reading Checking In…

30 Days of Me- Day 10

Hi guys!! So this is probably one of my favorite topics on this challenge because I love music. Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad. I listen to music a lot and depending on my mood, it can range from country to rap to movie soundtracks to dance … Continue reading 30 Days of Me- Day 10